mercoledì 10 dicembre 2008

A proposito di Kevin Gilbert

Qualche mese fa, nella mailing list di Kevin Gilbert, veniva postato un messaggio che dava nuove speranze a coloro che attendono invano da anni materiale inedito dell'artista scomparso, con in più la notizia della pubblicazione in vinile del capolavoro The Shaming of the True.
Dato che fino ad ora Jon Rubin, Debbie Miller e gli amministartori della KG Estate non si sono mostrati all'altezza di mantenere le promesse, è dura credere a questa ennesima sparata. Tant'è che dell'agognato doppio CD, procrastinato all'infinito e previsto per la fine di quest'anno, ancora non c'è una conferma ufficiale.
Quindi quello che dobbiamo fare è attendere fiduciosi e confidare nel 2009. Probabilmente diverrà il Chinese Democracy dei fans di Kevin Gilbert.
Ecco il testo originale tratto dalla mailing list:

Hello all! It's been a while since I de-listed, but I'm back! It looks like we've got some "new" members around here! I asked to rejoin tonight because some news was shared with me that I know you'll all want to know about. I'm just going to paste it in below, and hope you don't all have heart attacks or anything. :0 "I have been helping get some Kevin Gilbert stuff to see the light of day and I am happy to be able to announce these: The 2-CD "singer/songwriter" set that has been in the works is nearing release. Hopefully being released in time for the Holiday season. I need to go through the final tracklisting to try to round-up the credits of musicians who contributed in the writing/recording process. Kevin left little to no notes on a lot of this material. Doing the best possible to get this out before the end of 2008. Also,"The Shaming Of The True" is remastered and re-released on CD as of this writing. The cool new thing (especially for audiophiles) is the 2-LP version of this release. That's right. Looking at a very early 2009 for "The Shaming Of The True" on vinyl with a beautiful 12" x 12" book, all the artwork in frame-ready prints, and much more! Jon Rubin (manager, executor of Kevin's estate) is very eager to have these out and he wanted me to pass all this information out to you all.
There will also be some other items of interest that look to be released in early 2009. More on those later.

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