martedì 13 agosto 2013

Casey Crescenzo begins work on his first Symphony

Casey Crescenzo ha da poco rilasciato questa eccitante notizia:

The next musical endeavor for Casey Crescenzo will not be another record under The Dear Hunter moniker, nor a solo album, but a four movement orchestra he is composing. The goal is to have this new work performed by the Czech Republic's Brno Philharmonic Orchestra in the Fall. In order to have this vision become a reality, a PledgeMusic campaign has been launched to help fund the recording.

Casey says of the project, "With 5 full length records, including 36-song rock opera “The Color Spectrum” and most recently “Migrant” under my belt as The Dear Hunter, I am setting out on my next endeavor.

To write and record a Symphony with a full orchestra is a MAJOR undertaking, and comes with a tremendous financial commitment. The Symphony will consist of 4 movements and will be recorded by the BRNO Orchestra in the Czech Republic this November.

I am calling for your help, the fans, to support me in this venture, and make a truly memorable piece of music, and make a statement in the music community.
Most importantly, I’d like you to be a part of this journey - pledging not only ensures the release of this project, but also opens the door to a world of exclusive content.
By joining me on PledgeMusic, you’ll be getting an inside look at the making of this new recording. I’ll be sharing blogs, pictures, videos, rough tracks and more with you throughout this whole process. You’ll also have the chance to get involved in some very exclusive merchandise and interactive experiences.
I’m really looking forward to my first ever Symphony and for you to be right there with me the entire time."

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