venerdì 12 novembre 2010

Il 30 novembre è la data fissata per due EP, da due gruppi che più differenti non potrebbero essere, i cui pre-ordini sono già stati attivati.

Il primo è Stained Glass dei Kayo Dot che conterrà solo la title track.

Scenes of rapture, agony, and consecration are arrayed as windows in this latest EP by the avant-rock maestros. With a large ensemble of glimmering malleted percussion, shrieking distorted organs, crystalline guitars, and sighing horns, violins, and vocals, Stained Glass' translucent passages of unearthly beauty set a new standard in soothing terror. Stained Glass features the return of original Kayo Dot lyricist Jason Byron, as well as a guest appearance by electric guitar genius Trey Spruance (Secret Chiefs 3, Mr. Bungle).

Track Listing:

Stained Glass

*PRE-ORDER CUSTOMERS: Orders are expected to begin shipping the week of November 30th, 2010. Orders are not promised to be in hand by the release date. Any items purchased with your pre-order will not ship until the week before November 30th, 2010 as well. If you place multiple pre-orders in one order they will ship together, on the date of the latest shipping pre-order. All items shown are mock ups and the final product may vary slightly in size, placement, and/or color.

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L'altro è l'EP Appendage dei Circa Survive


1) Sleep Underground (demo)
2) Stare Like You’ll Stay
3) Everyway
4) Backmask
5) Lazarus

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