lunedì 26 marzo 2012

The Fierce & the Dead - On VHS (2012)

Il chitarrista Matt Stevens, oltre ad avere all'attivo una carriera solista, fa parte del quartetto The Fierce & the Dead, insieme a Stuart Marshall, Kev Feazey e Steve Cleaton. Dopo l'album di debutto dell'anno scorso, arriva questo EP di quattro tracce che negli intenti è molto simile agli esperimenti post-minimal-rock a base di chitarra di lavori come Ghost o Relic. La differenza è che qui a sostenere le digressioni psichedeliche della chitarra di Stevens, c'è un gruppo.

For some time now The Fierce And The Dead have been garnering a reputation as one of London’s foremost instrumental rock outfits and last year’s brilliantly titled full length debut, 'If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe’, drew critical acclaim both online and in the print press.

They have swiftly followed that up with the ‘On VHS’ EP which takes the template laid down by ‘Morecambe’, tears it up, turns everything up to 11 and starts scaring the children.

The Fierce & The Dead came about from a recording experiment that was initially intended for solo guitar wunderkind Matt Stevens' second solo album, but it started to grow legs and arms and evolved into its own animal.

The new EP is the first recording from the band as a four piece and comes off the back of a string of successful live shows in 2011. The result is a more expansive, heavier sound with greater dynamism and focus that shows not only a progression but a definite step up in their musical aims.

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