lunedì 29 agosto 2011

Big Big Train - Kingmaker

Nel CD allegato al numero 18 della rivista inglese Classic Rock Presents Prog è stato incluso anche un brano inedito dei Big Big Train intitolato Kingmaker. Esso è la rielaborazione di un vecchio demo, dura la bellezza di 10 minuti e mezzo e credo che piacerà in modo particolare ai fan dei Genesis. Ora la band lo ha reso disponibile anche in download e inserito nella versione russa dell'EP Far Skies Deep Time.

Ecco un commento di Gregory Spawton:

Kingmaker will be a replacement track for Master of Time on the Russian release of Far Skies Deep Time (through the MALS label) and also on the iTunes release. Licensing a cover version of a song owned by EMI is complicated, both for Russian labels and for download sales!

A very early version of this song appeared on our second demo, The Infant Hercules. For this completely new version we've improved the chord sequence and written new lyrics and melodies.

The new version of Kingmaker was recorded during the sessions for our new album, English Electric. It will not be on that album and, at this point in time, the only CD release of it on CD (outside of Russia and Eastern Europe) will be on the Classic Prog Prognosis 18 CD.

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