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Knifeworld - Dear Lord, No Deal EP (2011)

Il nuovo ep dei Knifeworld (ovvero Kavus Torabi) già autori dello strepitoso Buried Alone: Tales of Crushing Defeat, uscirà il 4 luglio esclusivamente sotto forma di download digitale sul sito The Genepool, mentre per l'album si dovrà attendere l'anno prossimo.

Dear Lord, No Deal (questo il titolo dell'ep) conterrà tre brani (Pilot Her - Dear Lord, No Deal - HMS Washout) dei quali potete ascoltare una preview qui sotto:

Dear Lord, No Deal by Knifeworld
HMS Washout by Knifeworld

In anteprima ecco la traccia Pilot Her che volendo si può anche scaricare.

Knifeworld - Pilot Her by abadgeoffriendship

Questo è il comunicato originale tratto dal sito del gruppo:

Knifeworld will release the Dear Lord, No Deal EP on the fire-cracking fourth of July. It will be available exclusively as a digital download.
Containing three new songs Dear Lord, No Deal will be the first release to feature the whole Knifeworld band of Kavus Torabi, Khyam Allami, Melanie Woods, Emmett Elvin, Chloe Herrington and Craig Fortnam.
If merely the news that this wonderful recording will be soon available isn’t enough perhaps a pithy description of each song will encourage a semblance of excitement in your household.

Pilot Her: A breakneck, shit-storm of heartbroken disappointment. A punk-rocking, bittersweet kick in the pineal gland of semi-consciousness. A love-song to music wrapped up in palm muted meltdown of malcontent. A riddle. Farfisa organ, Rhodes, saxophones and bassoons collide with turbo charged drums, beautifully urgent, snaky bass and angry guitars. Vocal melodies to wreck your marriage and harmonies to mid-wife it into counselling. A pop song with a tambourine.

Dear Lord, No Deal: Dripping with summery melancholia, all 12 string, all microdot. All regret, all heavy-heart. A crash out in the park of remorse. A broken life careering through the garden fete of dissatisfaction. Dreams and misdeeds thrown skyward to the lake. 40 years of sweet, sweet music condensed into 2 minutes and 14 seconds of verdant lamentation. Make every play of this sickeningly wondrous beacon sparkle with all the personal pain and anguish you can muster. Wake up from a childhood idyll to find yourself on a fast track to ‘the reaper’. The carriage of your train is dank, the facilities are, at best, poor. The strangers around you seem little interested in conversation. Unsurprisingly the only one who will talk to you is a nuisance. This, my friend, is your life. Dear Lord, no deal.

HMS Washout: This nautical epic will cut through the waves of your half imagined shipwreck. A beautiful 14 minuter, a psychedelic tour de force if you will, HMS Washout ought to send every good man, woman and child among us to Davy Jones’ locker. It will drown you, it will capsize you, it will give you the impression of hoisting the mainsail only to reveal the Jolly Roger. A Jolly Roger made out of fragments of infinity, shards of eternity, jewels of enlightenment. By God though, this one will go the distance. From dry land to ten thousand leagues down this windswept paeon to impossible love will scrub your deck. With cutlass and with scurvy HMS Washout will send you seaworthy.

While the Dear Lord, No Deal EP will require at least five listens to ‘click’ you need only pay once.

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