martedì 15 maggio 2012

Vending Machetes needs you!

In giro ci sono tanti gruppi che iniziano quelle che ormai vengono definite Kickstarter Campaign, ovvero si versa in anteprima un contributo ad una band per un album che ancora deve essere ultimato. In genere ai donatori viene sempre riservato qualcosa di speciale, come bonus tracks, video esclusivi, ecc.

I Vending Machetes sono un trio di Boston capitanati dal chitarrista Abe Kimball e hanno già realizzato un EP del quale avevo parlato in passato. Ora, proprio per la fiducia che mi ha trasmesso questo EP (che potete ascoltare di seguito) consiglio a chiunque voglia di appoggiare i Vending Machetes a raggiungere il loro scopo di pubblicare il primo album ufficiale.

 Vending Machetes - The Place Where No One Waits by Abe Kimball

Project Update #1: We've received great support so far but we still have a long way to go to complete our goal! The recordings are sounding incredible so far, and so as treat to everyone we're releasing a newly recorded version of M.O. for free that we did as a B Side in San Diego. Enjoy!

Vending Machetes - M.O. (Good Grief Sessions) by Abe Kimball

Hey everyone! My name is Abe and I'm the singer and guitarist of Vending Machetes. This Kickstarter is the culmination of an incredibly long journey that began five years ago in my apartment in Boston, MA. I've played in bands my whole life, but after becoming close with my roommates we decided to start a new band that was to exceed all my expectations, sonically as well as creatively. We spent three years from 2008-2011 playing in and around Boston, and recorded an EP with one of our musical mentors, Devin Ocampo, (of the bands Faraquet and Medications) at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA.

Last year, we decided to part ways to pursue different musical endeavors, however, I was not going to give up on the idea of Vending Machetes or the songs I still had in my head that I knew people needed to hear. Over the last 14 months I've had the great fortune of getting close with bassmaster Ryan Schwartzel, drummer extraordinaire Pat Hanlin, and most recently, fuzzgod/Mexican immigrant bandolier S.G. Roman. In Janurary of this year, we had the amazing opportunity to record our new album at Pro Craft Media in Oceanside, CA with engineer John Zweifel at the helm. Our great friend Ricky Gonzales of Tricky Films came along with us to document the whole process, and after 70 hours, 65 cups of coffee, and 10 gallons of water, we had a record! But just as one journey ends, another one begins.

As of now, the recorded tracks of the album are finished, but we still have to cover the costs of mastering, distribution, artwork, merch, and promotional costs for our album release show in June in Charlestown, MA. I can't thank you all enough for taking the time to check us out, and I sincerely hope you enjoy our music. Aggressive rock and roll may seem like a thing of the past thanks to all the Nickelbacks out there, but it's very alive in Boston, Massachusetts, and with your efforts we'll be able to show that to the world.


Abe Kimball and Vending Machetes

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