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echolyn new album pre-order

Il nuovo lavoro degli echolyn, intitolato semplicemente echolyn (come il loro primo album) uscirà il 19 giugno, ma è possibile già preordinarlo, e arriva a distanza di ben sette anni dall'ultimo The End is Beautiful. echolyn segna in qualche modo la storia della band americana in quanto è il primo doppio CD della loro carriera e in più avrà un'edizione limitata a 500 copie in vinile 180 grammi (naturalmente con un codice personale per il download digitale).

Chi aderirà alla campagna di preordini entro il 2 giugno riceverà l'album una settimana prima della data ufficiale di pubblicazione. Nel sito ufficiale del gruppo, intanto (usando il refresh), è possibile ascoltare quattro piccoli estratti dai brani Some Memorial, Locust To Bethlehem, Hey Island e When Sunday Spills.

La tracklist dovrebbe essere la seguente:

Side One:
1. Some Memorial
2. Headright
3. Past Gravity

Side Two:
1. Moments With No Sound
2. Accumulated Blur
3. When Sunday Spills

Side Three:
1. Speaking In Lampblack
2. This Is How We Left It
3. The Cardinal and I

Side Four:
1. Locust To Bethlehem
2. Hey Island

Five years in the making, echolyn is finally set to release their eighth, and greatest, studio recording! The self-titled new album, "echolyn", is the culmination of 20+ years of highly original musical arrangements, combined with the heartfelt lyricism and vocal adventure echolyn fans have come to love.
The feel of this double-album evokes yet another new, and truly progressive, listening experience and interpretation. A sense of beauty and great openness pervades both the production and songwriting. Each piece of music stands on its own and yet, at the same time, cohesively fits with all of the other songs. Neither tedious nor overbearing, this album will make you want to start-it-over-again each time it ends, as you are enveloped by the music.
One of the items on the band's "bucket list" has been to release their music on vinyl. echolyn is happy to finally check this item off that list with the help of the UK Label, Plane Groovy. echolyn will be releasing the new album on double vinyl in a classic gatefold package complete with lyrics, song credits and beautiful artwork. These records will be individually numbered with a limited run of 500 copies on high quality 180g-heavyweight vinyl. To enhance the vinyl experience, the music has been mastered at a sample rate of 88.2kHz and EQ'd specifically for these 500 copies.
Of course, "echolyn" will also be released as a double CD complete with an eight-page booklet. The mastering engineer, Robert Hadley (The Mastering Lab in California), has done a remarkable job preserving the dynamic range of the performances and sonically making each song project accurately to the listener, as fully intended by the band.
echolyn would love to accept the gracious offer of many of our friends and fans by offering a pre-order to help offset some of the cost of this new endeavor. And yes, these pre-order albums and CDs ship first - our promise!

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mario bianchi ha detto...

Ciao Lorenzo, leggo da poco tempo il tuo blog ma ci ho ritrovato pensieri consonanti e tutti i miei gruppi preferiti: gli inarrivabili ECHOLYN, ma anche nomi meno "ortodossi" per il prog come FIELD MUSIC, MEW, EVERYTHING EVERYTHING....che dirti? ottimo lavoro!
Mario Bianchi