mercoledì 25 gennaio 2023

BRUIT ≤ - Parasite (The Boycott Manifesto), il singolo contro Spotify

La band francese BRUIT ≤ che due anni fa se ne era uscita con il sinistro e apprezzato post rock di stampo cameristico-sperimentale di The Machine is burning and now everyone knows it could happen again ha da poco realizzato un singolo singolare (perdonate il gioco di parole). In pratica Parasite (The Boycott Manifesto) è un brano concepito come critica alla piattaforma streaming Spotify ed è l'unica traccia della band che vi si può trovare, ovvero una piccola anomalia per combattere il colosso dall'interno. Il testo del brano in modalità "spoken word" è piuttosto esplicito nei suoi intenti, con tanto di nomi e dati, ma il bello è che me lo sono trovato nel mio personale "discover weekly" e così, considerando gli intenti, mi sembra naturale includere qui la versione streaming presente su Spotify, anche se il brano è disponibile anche su Bandcamp (che al contrario viene lodato). 

Oltre a questo i BRUIT ≤ hanno reso disponibile la scorsa settimana un breve documentario, girato durante le ultime quattro tappe del tour 2022 per promuovere l'album, ma anche un nuovo singolo in forma di cortometraggio dal titolo Les Temps Perdu pubblicato proprio oggi. 

Tornando a Parasite (The Boycott Manifesto) il gruppo lo ha presentato con queste parole: “we are regularly asked the question: ‘Why can’t we find you on the streaming platforms?’ Here is a universal and digital answer that will generate clicks while bringing in shareholders. Since the great crisis of the record industry, the industry has mutated – it has transformed itself to exploit artists as never before by crushing them under the monopoly of the streaming platforms.

At a time when a change of algorithm can call into question your digital existence, the durability of your professional activity, or the peace of your social life, it seems more necessary than ever to remind people that an audience is not a database and that artists do not have to become influencers. It is unacceptable that people like Daniel Ek, the boss of Spotify, still exploit artists in total impunity and use this money to invest in AI for military use. It’s high time to practice music vandalism and parasite the machine.”


Long before streaming, the industry was already transforming art into a product of mass consumption and crushing artists to create a monopoly.
The term "music industry" implies that art is created in huge quantities like cars built on an assembly line, leading music companies to raise artists like chickens on a factory farm.

You may ask yourself: Why can I only find this track? Where is the full album? Can we really have unlimited access to all the music in the world for a few dollars a month? Why are the artists underpaid by the platforms? How can Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify, use the money generated by the artists to invest in weapons? Is art meant to cause death?

Don't dream of being a cool billionaire. They want to be role models for our kids. This generation of ultra-rich people who dream of colonizing planets, shitting in connected toilets and never paying taxes is the cancer of humanity. They can't survive without us and we'd live better without them. It's the very definition of a parasite. Zuck, Bezos, Musk and all this neo-slaveholders with their money can't buy the respect of the people.

Today there are still gigs and physical formats, there is Bandcamp and there are artists who still fight by making art for people and not only to please the algorithm. Look for the short circuit, look for the craft, look for alternatives, look for us elsewhere. We believe that sound is the most primitive link between humans. A language that sometimes escapes meaning but finds its way freely. Bruit means noise and at the end everything is noise or at worst, chatter. We love you.


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